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Tuesday, March 30, 2010
OK, so we’ve covered at least part of what I think it means to be one in spirit and one in soul, and so that leaves us with the third and final dimension of our humanity, and that is the body.

The most obvious facet of being one body is sexual intimacy, which is the only interpretation many people give to the scriptural mandate for a man and wife to be “one-flesh.” The bedroom (or wherever) is where being “naked and unashamed” takes on a literal meaning. Much of what I said in those first few posts applies also to the marriage bed.

…being one flesh is not so much about conforming yourself to your spouse, but about bringing the fullness of your self, naked and unashamed, without fear, into the relationship.
I could post a whole series on how the world has corrupted sex and therefore the church has largely ignores the topic, but let me sum it up by saying that I believe God designed sex between a husband and wife to be the ultimate expression of intimacy and deepest form of human pleasure. I also believe that we have to have a deep connection both at the soul and spirit level before the connection with our bodies reaches its pinnacle. Finally, I believe that the scripture clearly states in 1 Corinthians 7:3-4 that a husband and wife are responsible for each other’s sexual satisfaction and each is to view the other’s body as an extension of his/her own. The implications of this are also vast.

There's much more to this topic, but I’d better stop there…

So what do you think, have I missed some important aspect of being one flesh? Is there something more you can add to the spirit-soul-body connection between husband and wife? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Julie Sibert said...

Scott...great post! I wasn't aware of your site until you recently commented on one of my posts. Great to meet another Christian blogger upholding the sacredness of marriage. My focus is sexual intimacy in marriage, so obviously your post resonates with so much of what I try to share as well. I think so many marriages have been plagued by the lies of the enemy. Satan knows that we are particularly vulnerable in our sexual intimacy (anything that has the potential for great power is where SAtan will want to cause the most division). I'm with you... I could write and write on this topic, because I speak all the time with women whose marriages are experiencing tremendous sexual struggles. Too many marriages are missing out on what God designed sex to be. I appreciate your insights! If you would ever be interested in doing a guest blog on my site, I would welcome it. My audience is primarily Christian women, so I welcome men bloggers who can offer a male perspective that affirms what I am trying to communicate as well. Let me

Scott said...

Thanks Julie, and welcome to my blog. I hope you'll come back often. I will definitely be in touch about a guest post on your blog.

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