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Monday, May 3, 2010
It was interesting to check my blog visitor stats over at my stat counter ( - in case you need a cool free counter with tons of cool tools). 

The first thing that struck me is how global my readers are.  Here's the map for my last 500 page loads - that's all you get for free.  So the map below is missing some early hits, which I recall were from Russia and the Phillipines and a few other far-flung places, which have since flushed out the end of my log.

Another interesting tool tells me when someone finds my blog via a search engine.  Here are a few examples of searches that seemed to be right on:
  • marriage as a spiritual pathway
  • surrender and intimacy
  • is the soul part of the flesh
  • bridal paradigm
Then there was this search, which stuck out like a sore thumb:
  • naked wife
Pity the disappointed person when they landed on my blog!

Another thing that struck me was how few of you leave comments when you stop by.  So, all you who simply lurk, it's time to show yourselves!  One key goal here is to engage in conversation with others who are interested in exploring this amazing journey we call marriage, especially as it relates to our spiritual journey. 

So it's time.  Come out, come out, wherever you are.  Let me know where you are from, whether your are married and for how long, what you like or hate about this blog.   Your pet's name.  I don't really care what you post.  Anything is fair game.  Just let me know you are there. I'd also love to know if you have some topic suggestions for future posts. 

And if you are getting this via an RSS reader, blog feed, or email, won't you consider stopping by "in person" and saying hello.

As always, thanks reading.


Anonymous said...

That's amazing that you get so many people viewing your blog from all over! And 500 page loads! wow...

I live in Woodland Hills, Ca...I've been married a year and a month (almost) and I like how you speak honestly on your page. I'm always learning here!

Scott said...

Thanks for sharing, and for your previous comments. I'm glad you find what I write helpful.

My honesty might sometimes get me into trouble, but that's just the way I am!

Valor said...

Here from Seattle, 1.5 yrs. I don't remember how I got here.. =)

If you want a really good stat parser, look at google analytics. They're pretty much the best. Google bought Urchin, and made it free.

Scott said...

Welcome Valor and thanks for the suggestion on the stat parser.

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