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Tuesday, July 20, 2010
You’ve probably noticed that the construction around here continues, unless you are reading by RSS or email, in which case you really must stop by for a visit to see my budding html mastery for yourself.

Of note is the updated left sidebar feature called “New Here?” I wanted to give visitors a handy set of links for getting familiar with The Journey to Surrender. I’ve gathered the Reader Survey (last plug, take it NOW if you haven’t yet) and email subscription links in there too. I’ve added two new pages under the “about the author” section: More About the Author links to some random facts about yours truly, and Our Love Story links to a new page about the beginnings of our relationship, as well as a link to the post I wrote recently introducing my lovely wife.

The other new feature is the Notable Series tool on the sidebar. Links are provided there, using an expandable/collapsible list, for each of three series (so far). I’ve added mouse-over descriptions to each of the series blog entries, so you can get a better idea of the subject beyond the title. Yeah, I know, sheer HTML genius.

Last but not least, I’m introducing today a semi-regular feature called “RRR: Reviews, Reads and Resources.” I’ll be reviewing some of best of the many marriage books, blogs, websites and resources that I’ve come across. So without further ado…

RRR: Project M by Kathleen Quiring

Kathleen’s blog, Project M, is one of the first marriage blogs I came across when I first started blogging this year, and it is still one of my favorites. She is witty and genuine in a way that I find completely refreshing. About her penchant for truth-telling, she writes that it is:

Because I believe that writers have a moral obligation to share our experiences with others so that we don’t all have to feel so isolated in this lonely world.
Her blog subtitle is “Musings on Love, Marriage, and the Madness that Ensues.” Here is an overview of her blog in her own words:

Project M exists to tell stories and share thoughts about marriage rather than offer advice; to represent marriage realistically, and offer a younger perspective, from someone who has not been married for forty years but hopes to be someday.
She is an unabashedly young-and-newly-married woman, and happily so. She and her husband, Ben, have been married for about 4 years. Her writing is full of hope and enthusiasm, tempered with the reality of what happens when two people are suddenly thrown together through this mysterious and holy institution we call marriage.

She writes of herself, “I love Jesus, Renaissance literature, languages, etymology, museums, and carbohydrates. I hate exercise.” At a minimum, she and I have that first and last thing in common.

Of Ben, she writes, “Ben also loves Jesus, and enjoys fixing cars and eating pancakes. He hates everyone who happens to operate a motorized vehicle at the same time as him.” Again, that first and last thing Ben and I have very much in common.

So do yourself a favor and click on over to Kathleen’s blog. You’ll be glad you did. And while you are there please join in the conversation by leaving her a comment. Feel free to leave one here too to let my readers know your opinion of Project M.

Oh, and one more new feature.  On the right sidebar I'm starting a list of favorite blogs, which will be expanded as I review them as part of my RRR feature.


Laura said...

Love the RRR logo!

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