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Tuesday, November 30, 2010
That’s right, with today’s entry I’ve reached that vaunted 100th post milestone. I suppose it’s time for the obligatory somber reflection that typically accompanies such landmark accomplishments.

OK I promise not to be too somber.

I jumped into the blogosphere less than a year ago, with no prior blogging experience, having only limited knowledge of html, Javascript, RSS feeds and the like. I really had no idea where it would go or if it would be sustainable. I didn’t know if I would enjoy being forced to write as frequently as blogging requires, much less if anyone else would actually read what I was writing.

It’s been a fun and interesting ride so far.

Here’s what writing 100 posts on Christian marriage has taught me:
  • The technical stuff (html, javascript, etc.) turned out to be the easy part
  • Trying to write relevant, approachable, interesting posts twice a week or more is HARD WORK
  • There are hundreds of lurkers for every person brave enough to offer a comment
  • Other bloggers comment 10-to-1 over non-bloggers. Blogger pity?
  • I got a lot less push back than I expected on some pretty controversial stuff I’ve written
  • Spell checker is not enough. Edit. Edit. Edit. Then edit again.
  • There is a picture for almost everything. Google images is my friend.
  • More men read here than I expected - about 40% according to the readers who took the survey.
  • People genuinely care about their marriages, but they also care about the marriages of others and about the institution in general
  • Writing in the public domain is scarier than I thought it would be. More fun, but definitely scarier.
  • I rarely struggle for something to post about. I have way more ideas than I can possibly blog on and I find that one of the frustrating things about this endeavor.
  • I struggle with brevity.  Conciseness is not my gift.
  • I have discovered an entire community of wonderfully talented marriage bloggers. I enjoy reading their stuff almost as much as I do writing my own.
  • There is no way I could do this without the support and encouragement of my lovely wife, Jenni. Thanks lover!
Are you a blogger? Does any of this ring true for you? Do you have any other observations about your own blogging experience?


Anonymous said...

Thank you Scott for your hard work. It has helped me get a better understanding of biblical principles for marriage. I look forward to reading your posts more than any other, but always with some trepidation because I know my wife and I have a long way to travel on this journey. (And unfortunately she doesn't even know we're on it yet!)
May God bless you and protect your own marriage because of the honor you give him in this ministry.

A non-blogging lurker.

btw, there's no apostrophe in "100s" ;)

Scott said...

Thanks Anon. for de-lurking and for the encouraging feedback. Good luck on your own marriage journey. We all have a long way to go, so take heart and hang in there.

PS Thanks for the correction to the "100's". Edit, edit, edit...

Nzongang said...

Hi Scott,
I got your blog from "the Generous wife" and I have really learned from what you said on the effortless entry into the path of separation and the need for deliberate moves into the path of intimacy. My husband and I have a fulfillingrelationship and i am an avid reader of anything that can help us keep it that way. Thanks for your post. I am taking up the 10 loving things challenge.

Scott said...

Nzongang - Thanks for the comment. I agree that being deliberate helps sustain intimacy for the long run. It's obvious that you are willing to do what it takes to keep your marriage strong, and that make such a huge difference. Good luck on your 10 things effort!

Anonymous said...

OK I DID IT! I decided that after reading a number of current posts that i would go back and start at the beginning! Now I've read 100 posts also. This has become one of my favorite blogs to "lurk" in and learn in my walk with Christ and how to apply it to my life. Thanks Scott for all of your work here.

2nd marriage of 5 years
2 Daughters/ 1 step Daughter

Scott said...

Glenn - That's amazing! I'm not sure I could even do it. Glad to have you as a reader and I hope you'll "de-lurk" more often.

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