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Saturday, December 18, 2010

You may recall that I did a post on shame as part of my recent intimacy series. Later I came across this video over at Anonymous8. It’s a short (20 minute) talk by Dr. Brene Brown that deals with the topic of shame both from a clinical research and a personal standpoint. Have a listen:

If you can’t see the video above, click here.

Now Dr. Brown doesn’t share her findings and insights from a biblical point of view (I don’t have any idea what her belief system is). However, I am always fascinated and slightly amused when secular researchers dig deep into something and come up with what is essentially a biblical truth.

I see tons of stuff in this video that points toward biblical principles, though I think without God in the picture the humanistic solutions she offers fall short. I’ll get to sharing some of those “near misses” in my next few posts. In the mean time I’ll leave you with this thought.

I love the scripture depicted in this picutre:

Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame – Psalm 34:5
When we focus inwardly on our own weaknesses, failings and physical flaws, shame fueled by fear will quickly overtake us. But when we look into the face love and see the unrelenting passion in the eyes of our Bridegroom, Jesus, we can indeed feel radiant, even beautiful, because we know that's how he sees us.

This verse reminds me of the story told in Song of Solomon of the young Shulamite woman who is wooed and won by a loving and valiant king who refuses to let her hide in her shame. For more of my thoughts on Song, check out my "Dark But Lovely" post here.

What has been your own experience with shame? Do you have a story to share in which overcoming shame allowed you to find the connectedness (intimacy) you so desired?<

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Kate and Brad Aldrich said...

These are amazing insights (all of the posts) on shame and intimacy, Scott! I plan on linking them in my next post! It certainly cripples many marriages! But there is great hope in God's forgiveness and plan for marriages! I hope others will read your very wise words!

Anonymous said...

a very insightful 2 part message on shame can be found at by Hendrik Gustavsson. once there, search on the keyword "shame". be prepared, this is very detailed material - about 3h worth - but it is very insightful.

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