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Monday, January 24, 2011

I tried repeatedly over the last week to finish a post that was inspired by this post from Alisa at her Project Happily Ever After blog.

In her post she reflects on her reaction to a complaint made by her husband that she had been spending too much time on the computer and not enough time with the family.

She relates some sage advice given to her by a NY cabbie during a recent cab ride:
He told me we all juggle many balls. Some of these balls are made of crystal. Others are made of rubber.

If you drop a rubber ball, it bounces. It’s not a big deal.

If you drop a crystal ball, it either breaks or it gets scratched. It’s a super big deal.

The art of living a good life, he said, is to know which balls bounce and which balls break. Most of us, he said, get it wrong.

The long and short of it is that I’ve been busy keeping my crystal balls in the air, so I haven’t actually had the time to finish that post or any other post for that matter. Better to do it than to write about it, I figured. Maybe some day I’ll pull that unfinished post out and polish it off. Until then, go read Alisa’s blog and you’ll pretty much get the gist, anyway.

Now for today’s actual post.

Today marks my one year marriage blogging anniversary!!

My initial thought on this post was to focus on the analytics: how many posts I’ve done, how many visitors and page loads I’ve had, from how many countries, etc. etc. etc. Then I decided absolutely no one cares about that stuff but me. Boring. Truth is, these things are only of marginal interest even to me. I don’t write for analytics. I write to help foster stronger, better, more intimate and enduring marriages. That’s what I really care about. That’s what I believe in.

My second idea was to reflect on the experience of blogging one year in. But then I remembered that I just did that a few weeks ago in my post “What I’ve Learned From 100 Posts.” Go read that one to see my thoughts on blogging. They haven't changed much in the past six weeks.

A lot of bloggers I follow take the opportunity of an anniversary or New Years to write about their plans for the upcoming year. I have a thousand ideas, but truthfully, I don’t know yet which of them will actually make onto these pages in the coming year. About all I know for sure is that I plan to keep writing stuff that I think will be helpful to my readers.

This train of thought finally led me to ask myself a question that I honestly could not answer:

Why do people read here?

Frankly I’m shocked that I have as many subscribers and regular readers as I do (though it may not be all that many by “big blog” standards). When I started this endeavor a year ago, I really had my doubts about whether anyone would actually care about what I wrote. I wasn’t even sure I’d make it a whole year. I’ve been pleasantly surprised, and I’m excited over what may come in the future.

But I finally decided that today’s post needs to be about you, not me. I decided to simply ask the question. Why do you read here? Would you please take a minute to answer that question below?

RSS and emails readers can click here to take the poll or stop by to leave a comment.

If you would like to expound on why you read here, I'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts. Just leave a comment below.

And though I rarely say it, thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

I have subscribed to your blog because you offer a combination of experienced advice, research based wisdom, anecdotal evidence and faith based ideas.

It is refreshing to read a marriage blog by a mature man. You're a bit like Dr Gary Chapman, but his advice is usually from one of his books - which are excellent of course.


Anonymous said...

Scott, thak you for presenting marriage and issuse that people havein a way that speaks to me. I found you by way of "The Generous Husband" in a link there.

Thank you

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