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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm long overdue in reviewing some of the many marriage resources I regularly read. In a typical week I often read over fifty blog posts, but I can't remember the last time I added to my blog roll!

So today I’d like to point out two blogs that I strongly encourage you to take advantage of...

Stupendous Marriage – Stu Gray

The first resource I have mentioned in several recent posts. Stu Gray, famous sponsor of the Top Ten Marriage Blog contest, re-launched his website  a few months back. In addition to blog posts, he and his wife, Lisa have a regular (weekly-ish) podcast that is always informative and fun. The podcasts are well-planned, well-produced and well-paced. In short, they are, well, great!

For example, the latest episode, Stupendous Marriage Show 007, touches on three very relevant topics: making your bedroom a sanctuary, praying for your spouse, and improving communication over disagreements. Each of the topics this week, as is often the case, explores a post from another marriage blog or website, with some additional insight from Stu and Lisa from their own relationship.

I like the way the podcasts balance instruction/suggestions with experiences from their own relationship, all shared with humor and wit. You have the option of listening on their website or subscribing via Itunes.

To Love Honor and Vacuum – Sheila Gregoire

Canadian author, speaker and blogger Sheila Gergoire doesn’t write exclusively on marriage, but she does have a weekly Wifey Wednesday feature that is always insightful and informative. Many of her other posts also touch on marriage and family life.

The tag line of her blog is “No pretensions. Just real life and real solutions.” And I find that an accurate description. What attracts me to Sheila’s blog is that sense of “realness” I see in her writing. In addition to being genuine, I sense that she really cares about making a positive difference in marriages and families.

On her website you can explore Sheila’s books, articles, retreat materials and more, as well as see a few video clips of her teachings. I encourage you to check out her blog, To Love Honor and Vacuum,  . To get you started, here are a few links to some of my favorite recent posts:
You can catch up on all her Wifey Wednesday posts here

Sheila is a great writer, who writes with an effective mix of sincerity and humor. Even though I'm not of the female persuasion, I’m looking forward to reading the book she is just finishing entitled “The Good Girl’s Guide to Sex.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I hope to be doing a few more resource reviews as soon as time permits. I especially want to add a few book suggestions to my list of recommendations.  

Do you have a marriage book that you has been truly transformational to your own marriage? Leave a comment below with the title and author as well as a note on how the book impacted you and your marriage!


Nicole said...

Thanks for the resources! I read Sacred Marriage about a year ago and it has really helped me. Even though I knew in my head that marriage wasn't really to make me happy, my emotions and my actions towards my husband did not portray that: I wanted him to be the one to make me happy and give me the life I always wanted. Sacred Marriage really exposed that in me. Even though I still struggle with those feelings of entitlement sometimes, God has given me the grace to remind me that marriage is meant to make me holy. Now I've resolved to either recommend or buy that book for couples I know that are getting married!

Stu Gray said...

Thanks for the very kind review Scott!! We appreciate you passing our podcast along to your peeps! :)

Stu Gray

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