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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Though it may not look like it here, I've been doing a whole lot of writing lately.

For starters, as of today I am a contributing writer for the Traditional Love Channel at, a site dedicated to all things "love."  The truth is that most of what appears on that website is completely secular in nature.  Some of it is benign, some of it is helpful, and some of it I don't agree with.  That's OK with me.  The "Traditional Love" section of the website is where writers share from a more biblical world view.

My reason for accepting the invitation to write on a website that has content which I don't necessarily support is that I see this as a fantastic opportunity to proclaim God's truth about marriage in a venue that will reach people who aren't necessarily there looking for it.  

Go check out my first article: "3 Powerful Marriage Lessons From Easter.

My wife and I had the privilege of having Brad and Kate Aldrich visit us yesterday and today.  It was a totally divine appointment and a blessing to  share for hours on such a deep level with people we'd never met before (at least not in person).

Totally amazing people with huge hearts for marriages. 

Kate blessed us by sharing her gift of photography, taking a bunch of pictures of Jenni and I as we walked around a local park!  It was a beautiful day for that.  I'm sure her photos will be much better than the one here that I snapped of them on my phone.

Ironically, my guest post on Brad and Kate's One Flesh Marriage blog went up while they were staying with us.  You can check out my post there, "Lady's First?" In that post I write my answer to the question, "If you could share only one thing from your marriage, what would it be?"

Finally, I'm working on the second edition of a marriage small group curriculum entitled "12 Principles of a Surrendered Marriage."  This is the second time we've led a marriage group with these materials, and I'm doing some major editing as we work through it with seven couples from our church. My goal is to have a "finished" edition by this summer.  Watch this space for more on that!

So it's a busy season, but I'm excited about all that God is doing.  Go God!


Brad said...

It was so good to meet the two of you in person! Kate and I were so blessed by both of you! We keep talking about all the awesome ways God is working amongst the 4 of us!
I know your going to love the pictures too. I got a sneak peek while Kate was editing!
God Bless,

Scott said...

Hi Brad. Can't wait to see them. Thanks to Kate for sharing her talent so generously!

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