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Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Eve is only a week away! If you still don’t have any idea what to do to  make this a romantic Christmas, I’m here to equip you for the task.  

[I’m interrupting my “Salt and Light” series for this emergency “what do I do about Christmas” broadcast. Our regular programming will resume shortly.]

Not everyone sees Christmas as a time for romance. Indeed, the priority during this season should be on the spiritual and family dimensions of the holidays, but don’t neglect this opportunity to add in a little romance with your husband or wife.

Ideas, Ideas, and More Ideas

Because I’ve waited until so late to do this post, I’m able to point you to the many fellow marriage bloggers who have done the groundwork for me!  Here they are in no particular order:

From Brad and Kate at One Flesh Marriage
From Paul, The Generous Husband
From Lori, The Generous Wife
From Lori at Marriage Gems
From Sheila at To Love Honor and Vacuum
  • keeping Christmas sane and at the end the three gift of Christmas suggestion: something they want, something they need, something for their soul
  •  Get Sheila's 31 Days to Great Sex ebook and plan to start together in January! Great way to kick off the new year by investing your marriage.
From Debi and Tom at The Romantic Vineyard:

A Few Romantic Gift Ideas of My Own

  • Skip the poinsettia this year and bring your wife a beautiful Christmas flower arrangement
  • Give her a Tea or Coffee gift, according to her preference, along with a note suggesting that the two of you enjoy it together during ten minutes of connection time each day (or on designated days, if daily isn’t possible).
  • Tickets to a concert, play, ballet or other performance that you know she would love to see. Pick it based solely on her desire, not your own, and make sure you are enthusiastic about going with her.
  • Sign up for my new Pathways monthly intimacy e-newsletter and get a free copy of my 14 Day Intimacy Challenge for Husbands.Take the challenge as a "secret" gift, or you can tell her that she has 14 Days of Intimacy coming her way, but tell her nothing more.
  • Buy something for his desk at work (a pen set, desk organizer, a framed picture, etc.) and write a hand-written note that says “Every time you look at this/use this remember how proud I am of the way you work hard to take care of us” or something to that effect in your own words.
  • Lingerie – and I’m talking about the kind that is primarily for his viewing pleasure - you know what I mean. If you aren’t sure what he'd like to see you in, get a gift card and suggest you shop together. If either or both of you are too shy to go into a lingerie shop, a gift card from an online retailer would work instead.
  • Tickets to a sporting event, boat show, or concert that you know he really wants to see but might not ask for, in deference to your preferences. Make sure he knows how excited you are to go along with him to whatever it is. 
  • Sign up for my new Pathways monthly intimacy e-newsletter and get a free copy of my 14 Day Intimacy Challenge for Wives. Take the challenge as a "secret" gift, or you can tell him that he has 14 Days of Intimacy coming his way, but tell him nothing more.
If you are on already on top of this Christmas, romantically speaking, share your ideas below! Caution: you might want to post your comment anonymously if your spouse also reads my blog!! Don't want any Christmas spoilers!


J said...

I'm late! I'll have a romantic Christmas gift post on Thursday. These are great resources, though! Thanks. And I LOVE the tickets idea. I'd take tickets to a ballet or a baseball game. :)

Anonymous said...

I love Romantic Christmases with you, my One True!

Gaye @CalmHealthySexy said...

I have been thinking about this a lot and sharing some ideas for wives - and I think that deciding to make sex/intimacy a priority and keeping Christmas stress to as low a level as possible are critical. If we don't do those two things, the likelihood of a romantic Christmas becomes almost nil.

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