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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Warning! This Post is not to be read lightly!

In my last post, "What If...", I talked about the ways in which we sometimes "what if" ourselves into a fearful, fretful corner. We worry about what might be or about what might have been.

Such "what ifs" are a waste of time and energy.

I then offered you some alternative "what ifs" to ponder, encouraging you to consider the implications of certain statements of truth. You see, there are certain truths that we believe on the surface, things we say we are true, yet we don't allow the full implications of them to settle deeply into our souls. We give them passing acknowledgment without letting them impact our lives in the radical way that they could - and should.

A Reader's Guide to "What If"

I have been thinking a lot about the open-ended "what ifs" I posed to you last time. I decided that these and other "what if's" are worth digging into a bit more, worth really exploring for their incredible implications.

So I'm embarking on a short "what if" series.

Here's the deal, though. I want you to treat these next few posts differently than most. Very differently!

I read tons of blogs. I know how it's done. You scan through headlines, and read at least the first paragraph or two of the ones that sound interesting. If you go further, you tend to give it a light reading, skimming through the content for the nuggets, the gist, the bits of truth to consider briefly before moving on to the next post in your reader or inbox or favorites list.

I read blogs this way every day.

But you see the whole purpose of unwrapping these truths, these "what ifs," is to get them. I mean really get them. To ponder them. To chew on them and ingest them fully. Really take hold of the implications. Pray over them. Ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and revelation.

I want you to go beyond what I write. Think for yourself, "What if this really is true? What am I going to do with that? How am I going to live and love differently?"

Practice Time

In order for you to give your "what iffing" muscles a workout in preparation for the posts to come, I'm actually going to let you do this first one on your own.It's okay. Be brave. You can do it.

Oh I may chime in with a comment or two as well, but I want you to dig deeply into this one for yourself.

Remember what I said. Consider it thoroughly from all angles. Consider what it means to you personally, to your marriage, to your family to other relationships in your life. What does it mean for how you spend your time and energy? Think about all of the implications of it.

What if it is absolutely, completely, immutably true?

Go deep with it.

You ready? Here it is.

What if... God really is love?

Yep, that's it. Simple yet extremely full of profound implications.  What if God is not simply full of love, or made up of love, but what if love is simply who God is.

Now go. Think deeply on it. Pray on it. Ponder it.

As you process it, finish this sentence in the comments below, "If God really is love then..."

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Scott said...

If God really is love, then it is impossible for Him NOT to love me. Period.

Anonymous said...

"If God really is love, then ..." if I call myself His daughter, I will resemble Him.

Paul Byerly said...

If God really is love, then I should be more loving to others.

Karyn said...

When I have evil thoughts, pride, envy, wickedness (Mark 7:20-23) I am not at all 'of Him'.

Anonymous said...

Then every time I do a loving act I bear witness of Him!!

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