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Thursday, September 2, 2010
I’ve taken the plunge. My wife and I have signed up to lead a marriage small group at our church this fall. It’s a leap of faith in a way, but it also feels like a logical next step in my desire to help empower and equip couples to pursue great biblical marriages.

Why am I posting about it here? Two reason, actually. The first is to ask if any of you have experience either in leading or participating in such a marriage group. If you do, I would deeply appreciate hearing about your experiences, the good and the bad. I’ve led lots of small groups, so I’m fine with the general leadership issues, but I am interested if you have any suggestions for a marriage group in particular that would help me steer clear of the ditches! Please either email me or leave a comment with your suggestions and tips.

Second, I am inviting you to become a virtual member of our small group. I’ll explain what that means and how to sign up in a bit, but first let me explain why I’m doing this.

Seeking Practical Advice?

Next to the topic of intimacy, the survey showed the highest level of interest by readers was for more practical marriage suggestions. My sense is that it isn’t clear what exactly you should DO to pursue the kind of surrendered marriage described here in my blog. I spend a lot of time laying the scriptural foundations of the bridal paradigm, and my focus here is mostly oriented toward changing your marriage mindset. But I think many of you are asking, “But how do I actually start on this Journey to Surrender?”

My intention for the small group is to balance the teaching dimension with real-life practical exercises and honest dialogue about applying the principles on a daily basis. It is my first chance to test drive the stuff I’ve been writing, and I’m inviting you to come along for the ride. The small group is centered on 12 biblical principles that I’ve identified as the keys to a surrendered marriage. Each week will focus on a different principle and will include specific insights and exercises for husbands and wives separately as well as together as a couple.

Join With Us!
Please consider joining the FREE 13 week online version of this small group to receive the weekly insights and exercises via email.  To join just click on the survey button below and join as a Recipient.  I am considering putting up a private discussion blog for the group. If that is something you are also interested in, please join as a Participant (this forum is open to small group participants only).

Sign up today, because the group starts next week!


Paul Byerly said...

Hey Scott -

Glad you are doing this - thanks!

Lori and I have done this several times, and will be starting another in a couple of weeks. We have used several books as the structure - read a chapter or two before each meeting and then discuss.

We like to start with a meal, as this fosters fellowship and makes it easier for folks than having to get home, cook, eat, then get to a meeting. We've had couples come from different locations to the meeting place, so if someone works a bit late it still works.

May you be blessed and be a blessing!

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