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Tuesday, May 24, 2011
I read a LOT of marriage blogs – dozens of them actually.

Included among those I read on a regular basis are several that advocate pretty strongly against what I teach as the biblical model for marriage (you can get an overview of that model, what I call surrendered marriage, by clicking here). I also read and comment on a number of “secular” blogs, where the authors do not necessarily share my Christian world view.

I read and interact with these blogs for several reasons.
  • First of all, you can find some really good and helpful stuff there. Just because someone doesn’t agree with me or doesn’t share my world view, doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to offer in terms of marital wisdom, insight or advice. 
  • Second, it is helpful for me to understand where those who don’t share my opinions are coming from and why they think the way they do. The challenges and counter-opinions I find there also help me strengthen the defense of why I believe what I believe. 
  • Third, by gaining insight into opposing thought I can more effectively interact with folks who find their way to my blog and participate in the dialog here.
As I was recently perusing what some other bloggers believe concerning marriage, I decided it’s time for me to circle back around, now more than a year into this marriage blogging endeavor, and re-state my case for the kind of biblical marriage I believe in. In the next few weeks I will attempt to paint a clear picture of what I believe about Christian marriage and why I believe it. In doing so, I’d like to explicitly address a few of the counter-arguments and opposing viewpoints that I’ve come across during my brief blogging tenure.

In this upcoming series I’ll attempt to tackle some difficult questions concerning what I believe and perhaps even challenge a few of your own beliefs. My hope is that it will get you to think! Think about what you believe concerning marriage (especially your own marriage) and why you believe it.

I really want to encourage you to join the dialog here, especially in the next few weeks. Whether you agree with everything I propose or not, I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions and challenges. I believe we will all grow in our understanding through candid and respectful discussion of what can sometimes be rather contentious issues.

I’m excited about this important series. And I certainly hope you will participate!

To start things off, if you've read my Introduction to Surrendered Marriage and have any questions you'd like me to answer as part of this series, please either send me an email (contact page) or post a comment below.  


Tom and Debi Walter - The Romantic Vineyard said...

Scott - What a great new series. We are looking forward to following along on this journey with you, as we adhere to a biblical worldview when it comes to marriage as well. Your post is inviting and non-threatening to those who may have opposing views. We pray they'll join in the discussion!
Tom and Debi

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