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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are you a love skeptic or do you love love?

As we approach that most sacred of love observances, Valentine’s Day, I want to challenge you to discover (or re-discover) love. Regardless of where you come down on the worth of celebrating February 14th, I want to push you to grow in your understanding of love.

Between now and Valentine's Day I plan on posting a number of romantic ideas you can use to make this a special day for you and your spouse. As I start sharing ideas, I figure it is also a great time to talk about love.

After all, Valentine’s Day is often described as the “Day of Love.”

What is Love?

Ask ten people what love is and you will get at least ten different answers that vary all over the place.

Is it an emotion? A giddy, head-over-heels feeling? Is it a commitment? Is it romance? Is it a decision of will, a choice? Is love more about the soul, the body or the spirit?  What is the relationship between sex and love?

Who knows? Who decides?

The Bible tells us that God is love. The engineer in me knows that if A=B, then B=A. So can we say that love is also God? The Bible also says we should love like Jesus. What does that mean?

A Love Challenge

What do you think love is? The truth is that what you believe about love greatly affects your marriage. You must decide what love is to you and your marriage relationship. What your spouse thinks about love is also hugely important, especially in how it differs from your own views.

In the next few weeks, as I share my romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day, I’m also going to be doing a number of posts exploring love. I’m orienting these around love as expressed by Jesus, because He is the best picture of love there is.  It only makes sense to dig deeply into Jesus if we want to know what true love really is.

And so I'm calling this series “True Love.

In Ephesians 3 Paul tells us we can never fully know the love of Christ, yet he compels us to make that our lifelong ambition. He compels us to try to intimately know this unknowable love, because it is the key to fullness in God. I believe it is also the key to fullness in marriage.

Though I cannot hope to fully explore every dimension of the love of Christ in a few posts scattered through a few weeks, I want to challenge you to really dig deeply into love as we approach the day of love. Determine to go beyond what you think you know about love during these few weeks.

I’m encouraging you to go after a radical love of love. Press into love like never before. Get excited about becoming more Christ-like in your love expressions. Embrace love in the broadest possible way. Don’t settle for your current level of understanding. Challenge your beliefs. Stretch your long-held perceptions.

There is always more to know about love, because there is always more to know about God. We are going to go for it!

Stand by for my first romantic Valentine's Day idea.

But before I launch this series, I’ll leave it open for you to answer.

What is love?

Leave a comment with your definition, thoughts and ideas. Let’s get this love party started.

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Debi - The Romantic Vineyard said...

Oh I'm going to love loving this series on loving love. How's that for redundancy? But it's true - every word of it. <3
Love to me is demonstrated in the life of Christ. He is the fleshly manifestation of the truth of God's love for us. Our marriages are a reflection of the love of Christ, what a privilege to attempt to reflect Him in this way to a lost and dying world. But He doesn't leave us to do it on our own. He sent His Holy Spirit to live within us to compel us to love in this way. I'm praying this series will help us all "go for it!" Thanks, Scott.

Fawn Weaver said...

I am in love with being in love with my husband, family, God and those around me. I certainly press into it and don't allow past hurts to cause me to run. Love is to beautiful to run away from.

Scott said...

Thanks Debi and Fawn. I'm looking forward to digging deeper into love myself, though I do admit I already love love.

Any other husbands out there willing to admit that the love love?

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