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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2016 Update: Intimate Connections now available in hardcopy!  Details Below.

Face it, a lot of husbands aren’t that great at conversation, much less deep and meaningful conversation.

That’s a problem for building intimacy in a marriage, because as I define it, intimacy comes from being fully known, yet completely loved. 

It’s the being known part that is hardest for most couples. It’s so hard to be “naked” without shame, isn’t? (If  you haven’t seen what I’ve written on this topic see this post.) We tend to hide our innermost feelings because we fear being judged for them.

Men are especially guilty of this (I know because I am one).  And in truth, a lot of the emotional disconnect with couples is because a lot of husbands just aren’t comfortable baring their souls.

So What’s a Couple To Do?

How can you build emotional intimacy when the husband isn’t that great at sharing his feelings or engaging in intimate conversations?

I’ve got a workbook called Intimate Connections. The idea for this came about from something I did for our 20 year anniversary (more than ten years ago now!).

It’s filled with great fill-in-the-blank conversation starters like “20 Places We’d Like to See,” “20 Ways Our Marriage is Great,” “20 Ways to Explore Each Other’s Bodies.” and “20 Dream Dates We Want to Have.”  Some of them you fill out together, others you fill out separately and compare notes.

Maybe you could incorporate a few of these questions into your Valentine’s Day plans. Order now and select expedited shipping at checkout to get it before February 14th.

Do you have some other questions that could be asked of the two of you to spark some intimate conversation?  I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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Paul Byerly said...

Scott - Just skimmed the download - it's AWESOME! Great job.

Anonymous said...

Hiya, what a terrific idea. I have to shamefully admit that when I first heard of this type of activity, it was years ago at a marriage conference and I thought it was bunk. But boy was I humbled - it was fantastic. I just finished reading your suggested questions Scott and they're great! Thanks for putting them together into a pdf.

Scott said...

Thanks Paul and Robyn!

Megan@DoNotDisturb said...

Justin and I have a date night tonight. I downloaded these and we will work through 1 together. Thanks for this great resource!


Scott said...

That's great Megan! Hope you had fun answering the questions together.

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