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Monday, February 11, 2013

Today I have a guest post over at the Hope at Home Blog, where my good friend Beth inspires and encourages adpotive families, with a heart to transform orphans into sons and daughters.

Here is the first part of that post:

Do you scoff or cringe at the thought of Valentine’s Day? 

“Who has time and energy for romance? Certainly not me!”

I get it that life is crazy sometimes (okay, honestly, most times). There are always so many things bidding for our time, attention and energy.

Still, I implore you not to write off this season of your life as a romance free era. I know it’s tempting to think that there will be more time to focus on the intimacy in your marriage later on. But the truth is that later never comes. Trust me, I know.

My wife, Jenni, and I have been married more than 30 years, and still our crazy-busy life has a tendency to infringe on the time and effort we give to romancing each other. That is just the day and age we live in.

Romance on a Time and Energy Budget

The thing is, you can romance your spouse without a huge effort. In fact, I often say that little love expressions, done consistently, will have a bigger impact on your relationship than grandiose expressions done only once in a while...

Read the rest of my post over at Hope at Home. It has lots of ideas for keeping romance alive even when romance seems impossible.

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Edgan said...

Definitely agree…romance is an important part of marriage! After being married a ‘long’ while, it doesn’t come easily  My husband and I have to consciously take time out for each other…we go put on doesn’t have to be anything expensive…just some time away where it’s just us. Sometimes it gets difficult to find time, but we do whatever we need to, to make sure we do something once in a while. I totally agree when you say ‘little love expressions, done consistently, will have a bigger impact on your relationship than grandiose expressions done only once in a while...’… Thanks for your input…look forward to hearing more from you about strong Christian marriages. Marriage Advice For Women

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